also schiz·zy (skĭt′sē)
adj. schiz·i·er, schiz·i·est also schiz·zi·er or schiz·zi·est Informal
1. Offensive Slang Schizophrenic or schizoid.
2. Slang Characterized by the coexistence of disparate or antagonistic elements.

[Shortening and alteration of schizoid.]




adj, -zier or -ziest
1. offensive having or characterized by schizophrenia
2. slang characterized by the coexistence of conflicting elements


or schiz•zy

(ˈskɪt si)

adj. schiz•i•er or schiz•zi•er, schiz•i•est or schiz•zi•est. Slang.
schizoid or schizophrenic.
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Colby Buzzell's My War: Killing Time in Iraq lacks the elegance of One Bullet Away but its sharp details, insistent energy, and attitude authentically capture the schizy insurgent war I saw in 2004.
it is endless, endless and endless a schizy feeling walking back
Equally remarkable--as much for its sustained pitch as for its content--was Gary Indiana's schizy, weekly scherzo in The Village Voice.