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also shli·ma·zel  (shlĭ-mä′zəl)
n. Slang
An extremely unlucky or inept person; a habitual failure.

[Yiddish shlimazl, bad luck, unlucky person : Middle High German slimp, wrong + Yiddish mazl, luck (from Late Hebrew mazzāl; see mazel tov).]


slang a person with no luck, someone who tends to do everything wrong


or shli•ma•zel

(ʃlɪˈmɑ zəl)

n. Slang.
an inept person who suffers from unremitting bad luck.
[1945–50; < Yiddish, =shlim bad (compare Middle High German slimp wrong) + mazl luck]
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Noun1.schlimazel - (Yiddish) a very unlucky or inept person who fails at everything
Yiddish - a dialect of High German including some Hebrew and other words; spoken in Europe as a vernacular by many Jews; written in the Hebrew script
unfortunate, unfortunate person - a person who suffers misfortune
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The German Waldeinsamkeit, for example, is "the feeling of being alone in the woods," while the Pascuense word Tingo is "to gradually steal all the possessions out of a neighbour's house by borrowing and not returning." If nothing else, click though for her depiction of the Yiddish schlemazel.
See Aviad Hacohen, "Schlemiel, Schlemazel ..." [Hebrew], Ha'aretz (April 24, 2000), Literature and Culture Section, p.
Sharon Zelikovsky, a Franka Potente lookalike, stars as Sharon, a schlemazel lesbian mom.