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or schlepp also shlep  (shlĕp)Slang
v. schlepped, schlep·ping, schleps or schlepped or schlepp·ing or schlepps also shlepped or shlep·ping or shleps
To carry clumsily or with difficulty; lug: schlepped a shopping bag around town.
To move slowly or laboriously: schlepped around with the twins in a stroller.
1. An arduous journey.
2. A clumsy or stupid person.

[Yiddish shlepn, to drag, pull, from Middle Low German slēpen; see lei- in Indo-European roots.]

schlep′per, shlep′per n.
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1. a person who carries things, a servant
2. censorious a person who wanders aimlessly or who is slow to act
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Noun1.schlepper - (Yiddish) an awkward and stupid person
Yiddish - a dialect of High German including some Hebrew and other words; spoken in Europe as a vernacular by many Jews; written in the Hebrew script
simpleton, simple - a person lacking intelligence or common sense
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n (US inf, pej)
(= tedious person)Langweiler(in) m(f) (pej)
(= awkward person)Tollpatsch m (pej), → Umstandskrämer(in) m(f) (inf, pej)
(= stupid person)Trottel m (inf, pej)
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In one breath he'll name-drop "Angela" (German Chancellor Angela Merkel) or "Bibi" (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu); in the next he'll describe himself as a mere "former cartoon schlepper" or "just a guy."
As he himself might have said: "I'm a just a poor schlepper, what can you do?" In the end, he transformed Jewish life by inventing the Jewish folk and pointing to the ways in which mid-century Jewish religious practice could capitalize on the ethos of the Folk Revival.
Haim Saban, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers billionaire who describes himself as"a former cartoon schlepper," never deserted Hillary and this month hosted a $1.9 million fundraiser for her at his Beverly Hills mansion.
Schlepper, for example, sees Stevens as a "Philip Marlowe character transposed to a more confined environment," and then writes that "Faulkner, who had after all worked on the film script of Chandler's The Big Sleep, may well have remembered and taken the metaphor of the chess problem and the knight from that book" (373).
In an infographic created by Refinery29, Patti Wood describes the difference between the Schlepper, the Arm-Crook Hook and the Baguette, among others, the Daily Mail reported.
Less conventionally, he is also a removal man ("a schlepper"), met his new bride on the internet and plays football in a Sunday league team.
Schlepper, engaging what he considers Dorothy Sayers's "restrictive conception of the detective story as presenting primarily a puzzle that wants solving," believes that Knight's Gambit shows that "Where Faulkner goes beyond these limits ...