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1. Geology Irregular dark or light streaks in plutonic igneous rock that differ in composition from the principal mass.
2. Regions of a transparent medium, as of a flowing gas, that are visible because their densities are different from that of the bulk of the medium.

[German, pl. of Schliere, from dialectal Shliere, streaks, from Middle High German slier, mud, slime, from Old High German sclierrun, pieces, bits.]


pl n, sing schliere
1. (General Physics) physics visible streaks produced in a transparent medium as a result of variations in the medium's density leading to variations in refractive index. They can be recorded by flash photography (schlieren photography)
2. (Geological Science) streaks or platelike masses of mineral in a rock mass, that differ in texture or composition from the main mass
[German, plural of Schliere streak]
ˈschlieric adj


(ˈʃlɪər ən)
1. streaks or irregularly shaped masses in an igneous rock that differ in texture or composition from the main mass.
2. Physics. visible streaks produced by density variations in a turbulent fluid.
[1885–90; < German, pl. of Schliere streak]
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With schlieren imaging--a technique widely used in aeronautical engineering to view the flow of air around objects--and high-speed video, the team first confirmed that their imitation nose could indeed sniff much like the real thing, a property documented in previous studies of live dogs.
The vibration of a NACA 0015 airfoil model with pitch and plunge degrees of freedom is investigated in a high-speed wind tunnel using motion sensors, pressure sensors on the airfoil surface and synchronized high-speed Schlieren visualizations of the unsteady flow field at Reynolds numbers and Compared with other studies [2].
Similarly, Schlieren (atmospheric disturbances) can also be used to identify stealth aircraft.
During the heating course, the first endothermic peak at 111[degrees]C was associated with the transition from crystallization to the liquid crystalline phase, which revealed the schlieren texture of the smectic phase.
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When selecting the lowest threshold value, it is important to recall that the results are not influenced by noise and other effects not related to droplet scattering, such as the schlieren effect of the vapor phase in front of the spray head (see at the right edge around 75 mm from the nozzle tip in Figure 5 (a)).
I remember his submission package well--it included a video shot using Schlieren imaging to show a telescope mirror slowly cooling.
Cytos is a public biopharmaceutical company located in Schlieren (Zurich), Switzerland and is listed according to the International Reporting Standard on the SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd under the symbol CYTN.