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also shlump  (shlŭmp)
n. Slang
1. A person who is neither neat nor stylish; a rumpled or dowdy person.
2. A person who is somewhat fat and unfit.

[Yiddish shlump; akin to German schlumpen, to hang loose, and English slump.]

schlump′y, shlump′y adj.


adj, -pier or -piest
slang like a schlump
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It's a schlumpy guy in underpants in an all-women environment.
The Twitterverse burned bright after sexy Patrick Wilson portrayed a doctor getting physical with Lena Dunham's schlumpy character Hannah on HBO's Girls.
The transition to nonfiction was a natural one, since cinema a la Kuchar pivoted on the dialectic between overblown fantasy and schlumpy reality, the films always working double time as documentaries of their own making.
If your personal spin is to wear things that have holes or are dirty or shapeless, you're going to give the impression that you're schlumpy.
The radio played jingoistic songs, and no member of the Israeli government, however schlumpy, could appear in a newsreel without prompting the theater audience to burst into applause.
Compared with the hip clientele, we felt a little schlumpy in our waterproof parkas, but we felt smart again when we paid our tab of $141.
As schlumpy as those guys are, they've already got the power.
In person, he's friendly but ill at ease, a schlumpy professor in chinos and a beige button-down, who dislikes being interviewed, he says, owing to a few bad experiences with reporters.
They want to paint a story that Jenoff was enamored with Nancy and the press, so he was creating another fantasy so he could get Nancy's attention when he's just a schlumpy, 54-year-old drunk.