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1. A rag.
2. An old or ragged garment.

[Yiddish shmate, from Polish szmata.]
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His last article entitled "Of Tchotchkes, Mavens, Schmattes and Other English Words" appeared in our FaU 2011 issue of Midstream.
The super-sized sequined schmattes Edna Turn-blad sports in "Hairspray" have got nothing on the ruched chiffon circus tent, with hot-pink feather trim, worn by John Lithgow in "Carnival of the Animals.
Nevertheless, between the lattes, schmattes and all the different specialty drinks, one drink has consistently increased in popularity -- the cappuccino.
Es mas, los alemanes nos obligaban a decir al referirnos a ellos que se trataba apenas de Figuren, es decir de marionetas, munecas o schmattes [trapos inservibles].
Constructing material life out of the schmattes of his former home, he manages in his syncretic alphabets and geographies to find a dynamic substitute for both negation of the past and sentimental nostalgia for it.