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Cost includes golf, cart, bagel and schmear lunch, premium gift, goody bag and dinner.
If you want some plant protein from your schmear, they're not the best.)
Jim's owner James Plocharsky marries the sticky-sweet pork to crimson tomatoes, crispy lettuce, a schmear of mayo and his own tangy sourdough bread.
In recent weeks, that's meant vegan burgers from Wholesome Junkies, gourmet filled bagels from Schmear, chicken wings and wraps from Oh My Glaze and bao buns from Little Bao Boy.
Being a traditionalist that likes burgers only with a light schmear of mustard and ketchup, I wanted to taste their unique burger patties, in their almost undressed innocence, and find out what makes this place get some pretty good reviews on the net.
They leave Renee agog, none more so than the boss, Avery LeClair, played by Michelle Williams with a thick schmear of make-up and the stunned look of a recent accident victim.
You can spread a thin schmear of hummus or vegan mayonnaise in place of the pate.
There were funny rectangular outlines that could be toasts; a thick paint blob that looks like a schmear; green strokes that might be celery sticks; red-green ones as olives and pimentos; a wine stain or the trail of a cigarette's smoke rendered in the exact colors of those same things.
What do baseball, the stock market and a $1,000 bagel rocking a schmear of truffle cream cheese have in common?
Owner Tony Orlando upgrades a thaw-and-sell product by making his own "schmear" with brown sugar, butter and lots of cinnamon, and injects it directly into the roll, so it contains three times the amount traditionally found in a cinnamon roll.
"Topped with a schmear of cream cheese, peanut butter and just about any other sandwich filler you can think of, the bagel is especially popular in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom."
Along with the bagels, to top our traditional 'schmear' of cream cheese, we're curing some salmon.