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or schmoose also shmooze  (shmo͞oz)Slang
v. schmoozed, schmooz·ing, schmooz·es or schmoosed or schmoos·ing or schmoos·es also shmoozed or shmooz·ing or shmooz·es
To converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.
To engage in schmoozing with: "how to be a professional artist—how to be a businessperson, how to schmooze the collectors" (Paige Powell).
The act or an instance of schmoozing.

[Yiddish shmuesn, possibly from shmues, a chat, pl. of shmue, rumor, Hebrew šəmû'â, rumor; see šmʕ in Semitic roots.]

schmooz′er n.
schmooz′y adj.


slang a person who schmoozes
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Noun1.schmoozer - someone skilled at conversation
deipnosophist - someone skilled at informal chitchat
conversational partner, interlocutor - a person who takes part in a conversation
speaker, talker, verbaliser, verbalizer, utterer - someone who expresses in language; someone who talks (especially someone who delivers a public speech or someone especially garrulous); "the speaker at commencement"; "an utterer of useful maxims"
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He is a schmoozer who recognises the importance of projecting a positive, inclusive image of the bank to its clients, its employees and the public.
But Richard is not a schmoozer himself, despite his years spent in the business.
Could Obama, with that first-class intellect to go with a first-class temperament, with that pitch-perfect sense of humour, have been a better schmoozer and dealmaker?
Spurs were failing in the transfer market under oldschool schmoozer Franco Baldini, but Pochettino had him ushered out and replaced with his own recruitment expert, Paul Mitchell - whose first signing was a PS5million move for MK Dons midfielder Dele Alli.
He was a real schmoozer and we developed the practice from there and started expanding and taking on clients in North Wales and Chester.
So now Kitzhaber finds himself alone - partly because no one will defend Hayes' conduct and the governor's apparent role in it, and partly because Kitzhaber has never been the kind of schmoozer who accumulates political blood brothers.
Schmoozer Four years younger than Ryan Giggs, AVB bombed alarmingly at Stamford Bridge and yet still walked into another plum job thanks to Daniel Levy's keen eye for the fashionable.
The descriptors include pushy, selfish, lazy, rich, schmoozer, money hungry, dishonest, unknowledgeable and insincere.
You need someone onside, so use your skills as a master schmoozer.
Some racegoers, who had seen and intended to book tickets at the original price, or who are regular attendees at a fixture which has the Mill Reef Stakes as a highlight, were naturally irate at the prospect of having to pay double just because the 63-year-old schmoozer is in town.
Obama, she notes, is "not a schmoozer in the same way.
Although she was a schmoozer extraordinaireand you only have to read her blog or listen to her music to realize that she was incredibly funnyshe was also an author in her own right and owned a record label that released music by Maya Angelou, Norman Mailer, and Leonard Maltin.