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or schmoose also shmooze  (shmo͞oz)Slang
v. schmoozed, schmooz·ing, schmooz·es or schmoosed or schmoos·ing or schmoos·es also shmoozed or shmooz·ing or shmooz·es
To converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.
To engage in schmoozing with: "how to be a professional artist—how to be a businessperson, how to schmooze the collectors" (Paige Powell).
The act or an instance of schmoozing.

[Yiddish shmuesn, possibly from shmues, a chat, pl. of shmue, rumor, Hebrew šəmû'â, rumor; see šmʕ in Semitic roots.]

schmooz′er n.
schmooz′y adj.
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adj, -ier or -iest
of or relating to schmoozing
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There are tales of good luck seafaring cats; vermin-fighting fire, police, and post office cats; schmoozy hotel and restaurant cats; and the pampered pets of a string of colorful artists, writers, and tycoons.
. Be genuine rather than schmoozy: Keeping the conversation real, authentic, genuine and sincere is the simple rule of networking.
"I assumed he was hanging with people he thought could help his career - it must have been very schmoozy, because it was all weekend.
The festival's opening offers a chance to walk down the red carpet to see sparkling French rom-com Populaire, described as a candy-coated romance, while a fun take on Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespearean battle of the sexes, rounds off the event on what is a glittering, schmoozy night of movie glamour with a famed red carpet of its own: the Oscars on February 24.
"I am not good at going to parties and doing the schmoozy thing.
NE-YO's new track Never Knew I Needed is yet another of the artist's schmoozy songs.
Staffing on Capitol Hill back then was rife with nepotism--Rivlin has described it as a "schmoozy, good ol' boy Hill culture"--and those making hiring decisions were expected to play along when powerful legislators sent their former staffers out with recommendations.