school age

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school age

The age at which a child is considered old enough to attend school.

school′-age′ adj.

school′ age`

the age set by law for children to start school attendance.
school′-age`, adj.

school age

netà f inv scolare
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Publicly-funded routine vaccinations are easily available in Saskatchewan at public health clinics (for pre-school children) and through school-based programs (for school age students).
The workshop will cost PS15 for adults and PS10 for children of school age.
The employment rate for mothers increases as their children get older, rising to over 80% for those with secondary school age boys or girls.
released jointly by the agency's Institute for Statistics and the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report, finds that the total number includes about 61 million children of primary school age (6-11 years), 60 million of lower secondary age (12-14 years), and about 142 million of upper secondary school age (15-17 years).
com)-- The Gateway Family YMCA announces the promotion of Dante Burgess to the School Age Child Care and Summer Camp Director for the Elizabeth Branch, located at 135 Madison Avenue, Elizabeth.
The Opinium Research poll surveyed 1,007 UK parents of school age children between January 23 and 27.
THE average cost of raising a child to secondary school age will set their parents back by almost PS84,000, according to a survey.
You could be short PS84k by the time your child reaches high school age You could be short PS84k by the time your child reaches high school age
The results of the 2012 Kyrgyz Republic Demographic and Health Survey show that school attendance among the school age population is high but not universal.
How we compare Age4 NORTHERN Ireland lowered their school age from five to four in 1989 so that all children would get 12 full years.
Nearly two million Syrian children are no longer receiving an education, the United Nations' agency for children said Friday, representing around 40 percent of those at school age.
Researchers enrolled a diverse group of adults (>18 years old), adolescents (aged 11-20) and school age children (3-15 years old).

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