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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: crossing - a pedestrian crossing where school children cross a street on the way to schoolschool crossing - a pedestrian crossing where school children cross a street on the way to school
pedestrian crossing, zebra crossing - street crossing where pedestrians have right of way; often marked in some way (especially with diagonal stripes)
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Mrs Morgan took to social media in an effort to resolve the problem, and said that for a number of months Cobden Primary School has been without a School Crossing Patrol.
MIDDLESBROUGH'S school crossing patrollers have been honoured for their long service - racking up 285 years between them.
Students across Queensland will be safer thanks to the Palaszczuk Governments continued rollout of the school crossing supervisors program.
The cash-strapped authority announced plans to ditch all but two school crossing patrols earlier this year, saving PS212,000.
SCHOOL crossing patrols in St Helens are facing the axe in the face of "unprecedented financial challenges".
THE future of school crossing patrols needs to be clearer, a Lindley councillor has said.
After placing the school crossing wardens under threat of redundancy for two years running, council bosses decided to back the service going into the 2017/18 budget - with funding earmarked.
It means that the city's 180 school crossing patrol wardens have been given an 11th hour reprieve.
COMPLAINTS from parents have led to police cracking down on dangerous driving near a school crossing.
The warning comes after figures revealed that at least a dozen drivers have been reported to South Wales Police since January 2012 for putting the lives of children and school crossing patrols at risk in Bridgend County Borough.
He added: "Motorists must realise that they're committing a criminal offence if they drive through a red light or fail to stop when a school crossing attendant is in the highway displaying a Stop sign - not to mention the fact that they might injure or kill someone in the process.

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