school phobia

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: phobia - a child's sudden fear of attending school
social phobia - any phobia (other than agoraphobia) associated with situations in which you are subject to criticism by others (as fear of eating in public or public speaking etc)
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Asking these questions is especially important if you or your patient's caregivers notice school phobia, attention problems, or psychosomatic complaints.
Entitled "Mental Health in Young People", Mr Lloyd states: "This is not a topic I take any pleasure in writing, but I am deeply concerned about the number of pupils nationwide suffering acute anxiety, stress and depression which, very sadly, can lead to sleep deprivation, poor concentration, school phobia, self harm, eating disorders and even suicide.
She suffered from school phobia and feelings of detachment.
Sir Michael viewed ACT's facilities, created to help students with behavioural, truancy or school phobia issues develop skills to improve their life chances.
He said SAD usually develops by someone's 20s and sometimes develops in children, often masquerading as school phobia, but only in the winter.
MANY children don't like going to school - but that's very different from having a school phobia.
However, little is known about the association between OCS and other anxiety symptoms, such as generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, panic, social phobia and school phobia, especially when these symptoms are not assessed with the same self-report instrument.
They can also develop school phobia, obsessions or start bedwetting.
Garfinkel, Psychopharmacological Treatment of School Phobia, (New York, NY: Plenum Press, 1990).
His father, who also had a history of school phobia, had less

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