school superintendent

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: superintendent - the superintendent of a school system
overseer, superintendent - a person who directs and manages an organization
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Governor Doug Ducey announced Pinal County School Superintendent Jill Broussard as the newest member of the Arizona State Board of Education (SBE).
With a new school superintendent taking over this fall in Houston, every one of Texas' eight largest cities now has a Latino running the school district.
AUBURN -- For nearly half a century, Auburn and Sutton shared a school superintendent, until 1951, when Auburn decided to secede from the union.
of Dayton) introduces students, practitioners, school board members, and professors to the roles and responsibilities of the school superintendent.
Chris Christie is rightfully trying to make fiscal progress, but targeting the important role of the school superintendent, to save what ultimately will make a minor difference in a district's total budget, could lead to a huge backlash.
School Superintendent Greg Bowman, who served with Dilibert on a local leadership development group, said he's a good choice.
In May, Fairfax County Public School Superintendent Jack Dale sent a memo to district employees, stating, "We must respect the rights of individuals to speak and pray, while not endorsing or appearing to endorse religion.
Several committee members, such as the fire chief, sheriff, mayor, school superintendent, executive director of the housing authority, and the local state senator, were selected because their positions have the responsibility and authority to provide a prospering neighborhood.
The district court granted summary judgment for a sheriff and school district, but denied it for a school superintendent.
The state's former assistant school superintendent, G.
Education Week reported in June on a new survey of school districts that showed that, since 1993, public school superintendent salaries have increased more than teacher and principal salaries.
Mills, New York's commissioner of education, who had tried portfolio assessments when he was the state school superintendent in Vermont.