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also school child  (sko͞ol′chīld′)
A child attending school.
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n, pl schoolchildren
1. (Education) a child who attends primary school
2. (Education) a child who attends secondary school
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n., pl. -chil•dren.
a child attending school.
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Noun1.schoolchild - a young person attending school (up through senior high school)schoolchild - a young person attending school (up through senior high school)
boarder - a pupil who lives at school during term time
day boarder - a schoolchild at a boarding school who has meals at school but sleeps at home
latchkey child - a school-age child who is home without adult supervision for part of the day (especially after school until a parent returns home from work)
schoolboy - a boy attending school
spring chicken, young person, younker, youth - a young person (especially a young man or boy)
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طالِب مَدْرَسي
dítě školou povinné
školopovinné dieťa
öğrenciokul çocuğu


[ˈskuːltʃaɪld] N (schoolchildren (pl)) → alumno/a m/f, colegial(a) m/f
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[ˈskuːltʃaɪld] [schoolchildren] (pl) n (at primary school)écolier/ière m/f; (at secondary school, up to 15)collégien(ne) m/f; (after 15)lycéen(ne) m/fschool counsellor n (US)conseiller/ère m/f général(e) d'éducation
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[ˈskuːlˌtʃaɪld] n (-children (pl)) → scolaro/a
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(skuːl) noun
1. a place for teaching especially children. She goes to the school; He's not at university – he's still at school; (American) He's still in school.
2. the pupils of a school. The behaviour of this school in public is sometimes not very good.
3. a series of meetings or a place for instruction etc. She runs a sewing school; a driving school.
4. a department of a university or college dealing with a particular subject. the School of Mathematics.
5. (American) a university or college.
6. a group of people with the same ideas etc. There are two schools of thought about the treatment of this disease.
to train through practice. We must school ourselves to be patient.
ˈschoolbag noun
a bag for carrying books etc to and from school. She had a schoolbag on her back.
ˈschoolboy, ˈschoolgirl nouns
a boy or girl who goes to school.
ˈschoolchild nounplural ˈschoolchildren
a child who goes to school.
ˈschool-day noun
a day on which children go to school. On a school-day I get up at seven o'clock.
ˈschooldays noun plural
the time of a person's life during which he goes to school.
ˈschoolfellow noun
a person who is or was taught at the same school, especially in the same class. I met an old schoolfellow of yours.
ˈschool-leaver noun
a school-pupil who is about to leave, or has just left, school eg because he has finished his course of education there.
ˈschoolmaster nounfeminine ˈschoolmistress
a person who teaches in school.
ˈschoolmate noun
a schoolfellow, especially a friend.
ˈschool-teacher noun
a person who teaches in a school.
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We estimated possible schoolchild solar UV radiation exposures at six geographically different sites in South Africa.
GEM says every schoolchild would benefit from a fluorescent glow to keep them safe in winter, and believes a compulsory fluorescent orange uniform would have an immensely positive impact on kids'' safety at this time of year.
According to the company, ePortfolio enables every schoolchild in Britain to have a personal online portfolio showcasing their best work and giving parents and teachers online access to that work.