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Noun1.schoolfriend - a friend who attends the same school
friend - a person you know well and regard with affection and trust; "he was my best friend at the university"
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Schoolfriend Fin Henrik told police Colin had been drinking alcohol before he disappeared at around 11pm but didn't appear drunk.
The robbery sparked a security scare because Mr van Straubenzee's Nokia phone, which he had been using to talk to his old schoolfriend Harry at the time, contained telephone numbers of several members of the Royal Family.
Former Boro star star Adam Johnson, a schoolfriend of Dale, said his death was a combination of the negative press and a leg injury.
The last thing Rob needs right now is to bump into old schoolfriend Terry, who he hasn't seen for 15 years.
Tiana O'Brien and her schoolfriend Ayla Fenton, both 17, greeted the Prince during a visit to Kerang, Victoria, with a sign reading: "I'll be your princess.
Builder Paul Fender, 44, became "insanely jealous" after discovering Karen Millen, 28, had been seeing an old schoolfriend she found on Facebook.
In a test case, Matthew Firsht sued a former schoolfriend over a false personal profile on the site that included private information about him and untrue allegations about his sexual orientation.
Meanwhile Kathleen, Jose's partner in the dance school, has hooked up with an old schoolfriend, despite learning that he is a ruthless capitalist of the kind who made her father redundant.
One of the hottest months in the UK's history has failed to wilt the enthusiasm of Georgie and her schoolfriend Verity Taylor as they rattle up the miles.
Director Rob Wells, who set up the business with former schoolfriend Mick Randle, said: "One evening while having a drink we ran out of alcohol and I am sure like many before us, we thought wouldn't it be great if we could have beer delivered.
However he did, and later discovered that although the father of a close schoolfriend had been in the SS, his friend did not share his father's views.