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 (sko͞ol′märm′) also school·ma'am (-mäm′, -măm′)
A woman teacher, especially one who is regarded as strict or old-fashioned.

[school + dialectal marm (variant of ma'am).]

school′marm′ish adj.


[ˈskuːlˌmɑːmɪʃ] adj (pej) → pedante
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Instead, we have squabbling factions: Schoolmarmish sticklers on one side; let-all-the-hyphens-hang-out liberals on the other.
In the United States, there were many decades when the low bun was associated with a decidedly practical, puritanical, even schoolmarmish look.
I hope I won't be accused of schoolmarmish pedantry if I complain that all this makes me think about Rose Wilder Lane, Laura's daughter.
Pryor is prickly, condescending, and schoolmarmish, contemptuous not only of Lincoln but of everyone who sees him as more than an oafish political hack.
The BBC, no stranger to allegations of bullying its own staff, seems to specialise in bullying its guests, who drag themselves out of bed to be habitually abused on the Today programme by the aforementioned Naughtie, the schoolmarmish Sarah Montague or occasionally even the peerless John Humphrys.
Her schoolmarmish resentment at seeing a canonical figure whom she had spent so many years studying handled in this rough manner was the sort of thing he lived for.
This massive anthology is the oddest mixture imaginable of the conventional and the supposedly up to date, the schoolmarmish and the inappropriate.
They were sometimes bright, and their arguments were sometimes compelling, but their schoolmarmish moral arrogance was pretty hard to take.
Whereas the Rehnquist Court, in famously schoolmarmish tones, frequently scolded Congress for what the Court saw as Commerce Clause overreaching, the Justices a century before impatiently waited for Congress to act where the Court saw no doctrinal barrier.
In a sense, McGuinty was unopposed, since the Conservatives under Tim Hudak managed to sound as inept and schoolmarmish as the Liberals.
Our concern isn't a schoolmarmish rejection of student abilities, but a genuine question as to how individuals on the cusp of entering a new discourse community can possibly be in a good position to assess their abilities to write to the values of this new community.
The character's aura of melodrama - so at odds with the bald realism of her brother-inlaw Stanley - is tempered somewhat by Meguer's schoolmarmish tone, although she can be girlishly flirtatious when required - her predatory charming of Nathan Luttrull's innocent paper boy a joyous case in point.