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 (sko͞ol′märm′) also school·ma'am (-mäm′, -măm′)
A woman teacher, especially one who is regarded as strict or old-fashioned.

[school + dialectal marm (variant of ma'am).]

school′marm′ish adj.


1. a woman schoolteacher, esp when considered to be prim, prudish, or old-fashioned
2. Brit any woman considered to be prim, prudish, or old-fashioned
[C19: from school1 + marm, variant of ma'am. See madam]
ˈschoolˌmarmish adj



a female schoolteacher, esp. an old-fashioned type.
[1835–45, Amer.]
school′marm`ish, adj.
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Noun1.schoolmarm - a woman schoolteacher (especially one regarded as strict)schoolmarm - a woman schoolteacher (especially one regarded as strict)
school teacher, schoolteacher - a teacher in a school below the college level


[ˈskuːlmɑːm] N (pej) → institutriz f


[ˈskuːlˌmɑːm] n (pej) → maestrina
References in classic literature ?
They got to talkin' 'bout school, for mother has summer-boarded a lot o' the schoolmarms, an' likes 'em.
Those earlier writers had been hostile to the movement and to the Yankee Schoolmarms who had, as one writer put it, "invaded" the South.
Some pictures call attention to the uneasy process of assimilation, for example, an image of Natives being taught by white schoolmarms in a regimented classroom (101).
Though he has been accused of paternalism and sadism for years, his latest feature, Nymphomaniac--third in the ecstatic, Dogme-smashing Depression trilogy, after Antichrist (2009) and Melancholia (2011)--proves him to be something worse: a soft, fussy masochist begging to be whipped by feminist schoolmarms for the unpardonable essentialism of this 240-minute revenge porn.
The Schoolmarms are borderline industrial artcore focusing on heavy guitar riffs and cerebral poetry.
Goodman and Gilder quite rightly stressed the role of schoolmarms and social workers in marginalizing manliness, while Mencken followed Nietzsche in interpreting the decline in Western virility as a result of Christianity and our effete rejection of the basic rules of natural selection:
There are westerns full of darling schoolmarms and noble sheriffs--and then, there's Pale Horse, a book that takes pleasure in its anti-hero and the ugly world in which he lives.
To the schoolmarms, of which our news media employ great and many, this kind of talk is gobbledygook; things, flightless minds insist, are either true or false.
Making the grade; plucky schoolmarms of Kittitas Country.
Making the Grade: Plucky Schoolmarms of Kittitas Country collects the first-person testimonies of thirteen Kittitas County schoolmarms who served from 1914 to 1942.
The law-enforcing man of violence triumphs, making the settlement finally safe for children and schoolmarms.