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Adj.1.schoolwide - occurring or extending throughout a school; "schoolwide support for the team"
comprehensive - including all or everything; "comprehensive coverage"; "a comprehensive history of the revolution"; "a comprehensive survey"; "a comprehensive education"
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Contract awarded for Do Schoolwide crossroad road expansion project Detailed Design services
Since 2008, The Malvern School has been the sponsor of the CBS3 Alex Scott Stand For Hope Phone Bank each June and continues its efforts to help in the fight against pediatric cancer with a schoolwide lemonade stand each July.
Parent volunteer Amy Stanley conceived the idea of a carnival to culminate a schoolwide readathon and celebrate the birth date of Theodor Geisel, known as Dr.
Since then, schoolwide enrollment has fallen from nearly 100,000 to about 70,000.
It outlines the fundamental principles for classroom management and details strategies for fostering cooperation and preventing discipline problems, including classroom climate, interacting and communicating with students and parents, standards for classroom conduct and routines, schoolwide discipline and safety policies, and working with individual differences among students; motivating students to engage in learning activities; confronting and solving discipline problems, including teaching students to replace off-task behaviors with on-task behaviors; and dealing with nondisruptive off-task behaviors and disruptive behaviors.
Schoolwide Physical Activity: A Comprehensive Guide to Designing and Conducting Programs includes a CD-ROM with forms, activities and charts and presents a solid program for K-12 teachers and administrators interested in creating effective physical activity programs for students.
EFFECTIVE INCLUSIVE SCHOOLS: Designing Successful Schoolwide Programs.
From case histories of special challenges and how they were met to a progression of ideas on the education process, this teaches how to link Latino male cultural norms with educational objectives, showing how schoolwide and personal beliefs can meld successfully and showing how to develop strategies that motivate Latino boys to pursue higher education goals.
Primary (Tier 1) universal schoolwide interventions are designed to address the majority of students' instructional needs.
The 15 principles that frame the document highlight how schoolwide behavioral interventions can significantly reduce or eliminate the use of restraint and seclusion.
Schoolwide positive behavior support (SWPBS) is a promising approach for addressing these needs (Netzel & Eber, 2003; Skiba & Peterson, 2000; Turnbull et al.
This research underscores the importance of treating bullying as a schoolwide problem rather than just an individual problem," added Cornell.