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Adj.1.schoolwide - occurring or extending throughout a school; "schoolwide support for the team"
comprehensive - including all or everything; "comprehensive coverage"; "a comprehensive history of the revolution"; "a comprehensive survey"; "a comprehensive education"
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Our goal with the Schoolwide Enrichment Model is to influence rather than replace the regular curriculum.
This guide on formative assessment focuses on classroom-level practices that affect student learning and achievement, build capacity, and foster schoolwide outcomes that can meet the demands for high-stakes accountability.
Personal statement: "I came up with an idea to introduce a schoolwide Mental Health Presentation Day.
School nutrition and student discipline: Effects of schoolwide free meals (NBER Working Paper No.
Webster's article about an independent reading program is a wonderful example of such collaborative advocacy by a soon-to-be school librarian and a current librarian, which resulted in instructional, schoolwide impact.
The Quincy Herald- Whig reports he was recognized for planning a schoolwide blood drive and encouraging student participation.
And, the Department released updated schoolwide guidance (, detailing the use of Title I funds for serving all students in a schoolwide program.
The newly established STEM Schoolwide Memberships provide professional development benefits for EACFI and EVERY teacher in the school.
Parent volunteer Amy Stanley conceived the idea of a carnival to culminate a schoolwide readathon and celebrate the birth date of Theodor Geisel, known as Dr.
Since then, schoolwide enrollment has fallen from nearly 100,000 to about 70,000.
They review the research supporting the promotion of social competence in the classroom, clarify some of the definitions of social competence, and describe schoolwide and classroom approaches for teaching social skills in the inclusive classroom.