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I liked to schottische with her; she had so much spring and variety, and was always putting in new steps and slides.
He taught certain uncouth lads, when they were of an age to enter society, the intricacies of contra dances, or the steps of the schottische and mazurka, and he was a marked figure in all social assemblies, though conspicuously absent from town-meetings and the purely masculine gatherings at the store or tavern or bridge.
Happy Bill's orchestra became famous in a day when the old fashioned square and contra dances, the waltz, the polka and the schottische were popular.
1890) were offered: Friendly Greeting Schottische and Vanity Waltz.
Dance forms such as the waltz, the polka, and the schottische (or vals, polca, and chotis in Spanish) had an enormous and lasting effect on the music of both Mexico and the United States (and elsewhere).
It probably would have been the continental schottische you see that suited the Shetland polka thing.
SARABAND'S SELECTIONS TODAY CHELMSFORD: 1.00 Ten Rocks, 1.35 Boonga Roogeta, 2.10 Seve, 2.45 Lamar, 3.20 Sirius Prospect, 3.55 Schottische, 4.25 Single Summit.
SCHOTTISCHE rates a mildly confident selection in division one of the Ladbrokes Handicap at Southwell.
SCHOTTISCHE rates a mildly confi-dent selection in division one of the Ladbrokes Handicap at Southwell.
It is called the schottische, she said, and it's much easier to learn and remember than some of the more complicated variations.
VVGOOGLING a runner Schottische 8.00 Wolverhampton The schottische is a partnered country dance that was popular in Victorian ballrooms and can be traced in the folk traditions of countries all over the world including Argentina, Finland, France, Italy and the United States.