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The word can also be found as "schtik" and "schtick" along with its diminutives "shtikl"--a little schtik (on You Tube, you can get "a shtickl" taste of the quartet Listen Up) and "shtikeleh" (an even smaller "shtik") plus of course its plural, "shtiklech," or the more frequently used "schticks." The most ingenious spelling is found in Red Scht!k magazine, a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, satirical publication.
Combining languages, the web site Gyaff (a Guyanese word for chat) referred to Apple's recent releases of the Safari Internet browser and iPhone as CEO Steve Jobs' "schtik."
In painting a picture of the upscale Boston Liberty Hotel, housed in a 19th century prison, a New York Times travel section writer calls it "a well-done theme hotel that plays its schtik to perfection."