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Noun1.scientific fact - an observation that has been confirmed repeatedly and is accepted as true (although its truth is never final)
observation - facts learned by observing; "he reported his observations to the mayor"
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A scientific fact: And twice a day the Chaplain called,
But realize that fancy is a scientific fact. Helen is fanciful, and wants to."
Waldron," he said, "to cease to make assertions which are not in strict accordance with scientific fact."
It was saddening, but it was a scientific fact. There was no avoiding it.
The only values he recognized were mathematical and scientific facts. My father was a great man.
Not only was he the most careful of English poets, revising his works with almost unprecedented pains, but his scientific habit of mind insists on the greatest accuracy; in his allusions to Nature he often introduces scientific facts in a way thitherto unparalleled, and sometimes even only doubtfully poetic.
When he talks of scientific methods, he forgets himself, he forgot that the scientific method of turning a scientific theory into a scientific fact is to be able to repeat the experiment.
Man-made climate change is a scientific fact. Perhaps Mr.
"It is a scientific fact that if you have less testosterone present, then you will have less aggression.
Because if other researchers can replicate the experiment and end up coming to the same conclusions, then that theory moves away from the realm of mere theory and closer to being declared a scientific fact. It is not at all uncommon for scientists to try to make the theory fail, for if they cannot do so, the case for declaring it scientific fact is that much stronger.
It is a scientific fact that books printed on paper activate neurons and stimulate the brain in a way that electronic books don't.
Members of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee warned President Donald Trump Thursday to stop ignoring scientific fact, a practice that makes him vulnerable to "misinformation and fake news."

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