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However, the length in (-)getan is unreliable, and the OE verb is better taken as a prefixed form of gitan / getan / gietan 'to take' (scil. one's life away).
(scil.: ...) dominare i sentimenti mediante il pensiero (p.11)
gr., puella quae ad honorabilitatem socialem servandam vel ad prolem legitimandam matrimonium init, ordinariis in adiunctis, utrumque intendit, scil.: et fines ase praecipue intentos et novum statum maritalem.
Total red blood cell counts (RBC) were determined by a Scil Vet acb (Scil Animal Care Company, Gurnee, IL, USA), and total white blood cell counts were determined by the Unopette method (Unopette no.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Scil Technology Gmbh, Isotechnika Pharma Inc., Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Omeros Corporation
Albert schreibt: <<Und diese Herrschaft (scil. uber Kinder) ist eine konigliche, denn es kennzeichnet einen Konig--wie Aristoteles in seiner Nikomachischen Ethik V und Boethius in seinem Liber Divisionum erklart--dass ein Konig uber seine Untergebenen aus Liebe seinen Untertanen zu ihrem Vorteil vorsteht.
One rumour suggested they were offto the Scil ly Isles, off the coast of Cornwall but others speculated they were heading to Scotland where royal newlyweds traditionally take a break.
SPCPL was promoted by PRL Projects & Infrastructure Ltd (PRLPIL) and Shiva Corporation India Ltd (SCIL) as a 50:50 joint venture (JV) for bidding for the Sirohi-Mandar-Deesa Road BOT project.
SCIL was incorporated in 1981 and began producing caustic soda in 1985, initially at a rate of 30 million tones caustic a day.
Tickers featured: SCIL. Complete text approximately 3000 words.