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Any of several bulbous Eurasian and African plants of the genus Scilla, having narrow leaves and cultivated for their bell-shaped blue, white, or pink flowers. Also called squill.

[New Latin Scilla, genus name, from Latin scilla, squill (Urginea maritima); see squill.]
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(Plants) any liliaceous plant of the genus Scilla, of Old World temperate regions, having small bell-shaped flowers. See also squill3
[C19: via Latin from Greek skilla; compare squill]
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Noun1.scilla - an Old World plant of the genus Scilla having narrow basal leaves and pink or blue or white racemose flowersscilla - an Old World plant of the genus Scilla having narrow basal leaves and pink or blue or white racemose flowers
liliaceous plant - plant growing from a bulb or corm or rhizome or tuber
genus Scilla - sometimes placed in subfamily Hyacinthaceae
Scilla verna, spring squill, sea onion - European scilla with small blue or purple flowers
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They also help bridge the gap between the first splashes of colour provided mainly by other bulbs - narcissi, scilla and their ilk - and early performing perennials, euphorbias, aquilegias, iris and doronicum.
A Scilla Knitted floor cushion, pounds 39.98, B&Q (available October), is a winner on style and price.
Seren y gwanwyn (Scilla verna; spring squill) ydi'r planhigyn - un o'r rhai harddaf sy'n ymddangos ar yr arfordir yn y gwanwyn yn fy nhyb i.
Daffodils, grape hyacinths, all of the flowering onions (Alliums), dogtooth violets (Erythronium), glory-of-the-snow (Chionodoxa), winter aconites (Eranthis), snowdrops Galanthus), scillas (Scilla), Grecian windflowers (Anemone), Guinea Hen flowers (Fritillaria), and wood hyacinths (Hyacinthoides) are seldom eaten by pests.
This wonderful addition to the spring garden can be grouped with Hellebores, dwarf Narcissi, Snowdrops, Anemones, Scilla, Vinca minor and many other early flowering woodland garden plants.
is full of historic sites, such as the capital Reggio Calabria, and beautiful coastal spots like Tropea and Scilla, with its stunning castle.
* When planting crocus, grape hyacinths and scilla, keep a few back for an early indoor display.
Plants appreciating this type of habitat may be bulbous such as narcissus, scilla, lily and tulip, all of which love these conditions, or they may be herbaceous perennials such as digitalis (foxglove), tiarella (foamflower), lamium (dead nettle), and geranium.
Try daffodils, leucojum, muscari, ornamental atriums, scilla, or species tulips, all of which naturalize in mild climates.
IF you have a rock garden or spaces between trees, Scilla siberica is one of the bluest of all blue flowers.
SCILLA are a common sight in springtime, providing a splash of colour in sun or dappled shade under deciduous trees or shrubs.
A whole day of circus-themed events will take place on Saturday, Oct 10, with children's workshops provided by Chester-based drama group 2Engage and interactive circus stories with Scilla Thomas.