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 (skĭr′əs, sĭr′-)
n. pl. scir·rhi (skĭr′ī, sĭr′ī) or scir·rhus·es
A hard dense cancerous growth usually arising from connective tissue.

[New Latin, from Latin scirros, from Greek skīros, skirros, from skīros, hard.]

scir′rhous, scir′rhoid′ adj.
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(Pathology) pathol of or resembling a scirrhus; hard
scirrhosity n
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(ˈskɪr əs, ˈsɪr-)

adj. Pathol.
1. of a hard, fibrous consistency.
2. of, relating to, or constituting a scirrhus.
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a. escirroso-a, duro-a, rel. a un escirro.
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(17,18) HepPar-1 positivity is useful in differentiating FLC with pseudoglandular pattern from intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and scirrhous HCC, both of which are mostly negative for HepPar-1.
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MicroRNA-143 regulates collagen type III expression in stromal fibroblasts of scirrhous type gastric cancer.
In the latter case, multiple and deep biopsies are recommended for the diagnosis because sometimes the scirrhous and fibrotic reaction can invade the gastric wall without mucosal involvement.
Several complications following castration have been recorded by several researchers like pyocele (Sagar et al., 2010) hydrocele (Kamalakar et al., 2014) and scirrhous cord (Kamalakar et al., 2015).
This subtype of diffuse gastric cancer is called scirrhous gastric cancer or linitis plastica, (5) the prognosis of which is extremely poor.
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It has also been called scirrhous carcinoma, pachydermia and Acarcine eburnee by various authors.4
Immunohistochemical staining was not performed, and the mass was deemed most consistent with a carcinoma of hepatic origin accompanied by an overwhelming scirrhous response; however, a nonneoplastic inflammatory process could not be ruled out.
The diagnostic failure of the FNAC procedure in some cases can be attributed to unsatisfactory and nonrepresentative aspirates, especially in smaller lesions and in tumours with low cellularity like scirrhous carcinoma.