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 (skĭr′əs, sĭr′-)
n. pl. scir·rhi (skĭr′ī, sĭr′ī) or scir·rhus·es
A hard dense cancerous growth usually arising from connective tissue.

[New Latin, from Latin scirros, from Greek skīros, skirros, from skīros, hard.]

scir′rhous, scir′rhoid′ adj.
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(Pathology) pathol of or resembling a scirrhus; hard
scirrhosity n
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(ˈskɪr əs, ˈsɪr-)

adj. Pathol.
1. of a hard, fibrous consistency.
2. of, relating to, or constituting a scirrhus.
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a. escirroso-a, duro-a, rel. a un escirro.
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Several complications following castration have been recorded by several researchers like pyocele (Sagar et al., 2010) hydrocele (Kamalakar et al., 2014) and scirrhous cord (Kamalakar et al., 2015).
Surgical management of scirrhous cord in ongole bullocks - A report of two cases.