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Still very much later (a year or even longer after the above complication) there appear certain tumours of scirrhus hardness, which provoke terrible suffering.
"Basic Reactions of the Body to Irritation" According to Horner's (4) A Treatise on Pathological Anatomy Reactions Variants Inflammation Acute or phlegmasia, chronic (tubercle, ossification, delitescence), resolution, abscess, ulceration, induration (scirrhus), gangrene, sub-inflammation, cancer, pseudo-membranes, erythemoid, mollescence, fungiform or granulated, follicular or pustular, hepatization Hemorrhage None described Nervous No findings Secretory None described Nutritive Obesity, hypertrophy Tissue transformation Into fibrous, cartilaginous, bony, etc Nonclassified Melanosis, engorgement, hypertrophy, atrophy, morbid degeneration, dilatation, polyp
A flux of blood and black bile was said to cause scirrhus, and black bile unmixed with blood converted this to karkinds, which was commonly found in the female breast.