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tr.v. scis·sored, scis·sor·ing, scis·sors
To cut or clip with scissors or shears.
1. scissors(used with a sing. or pl. verb) A cutting implement consisting of two blades joined by a swivel pin that allows the cutting edges to be opened and closed.
2. scissors(used with a sing. verb) Sports
a. Any of various gymnastic exercises or jumps in which the movement of the legs suggests the opening and closing of scissors.
b. A scissors hold.

[From alteration (influenced by Latin scissor, cutter) of Middle English sisours, scissors, from Old French cisoires, from Vulgar Latin *cīsōria, from Late Latin, pl. of cīsōrium, cutting instrument, from Latin caesus, -cīsus, past participle of caedere, to cut; see kaə-id- in Indo-European roots.]


(modifier) of or relating to scissors: a scissor blade.
to cut (an object) with scissors


(ˈsɪz ər)

1. to cut or clip out with scissors.
2. to move one's body or legs like the blades of scissors.


Past participle: scissored
Gerund: scissoring

I scissor
you scissor
he/she/it scissors
we scissor
you scissor
they scissor
I scissored
you scissored
he/she/it scissored
we scissored
you scissored
they scissored
Present Continuous
I am scissoring
you are scissoring
he/she/it is scissoring
we are scissoring
you are scissoring
they are scissoring
Present Perfect
I have scissored
you have scissored
he/she/it has scissored
we have scissored
you have scissored
they have scissored
Past Continuous
I was scissoring
you were scissoring
he/she/it was scissoring
we were scissoring
you were scissoring
they were scissoring
Past Perfect
I had scissored
you had scissored
he/she/it had scissored
we had scissored
you had scissored
they had scissored
I will scissor
you will scissor
he/she/it will scissor
we will scissor
you will scissor
they will scissor
Future Perfect
I will have scissored
you will have scissored
he/she/it will have scissored
we will have scissored
you will have scissored
they will have scissored
Future Continuous
I will be scissoring
you will be scissoring
he/she/it will be scissoring
we will be scissoring
you will be scissoring
they will be scissoring
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been scissoring
you have been scissoring
he/she/it has been scissoring
we have been scissoring
you have been scissoring
they have been scissoring
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been scissoring
you will have been scissoring
he/she/it will have been scissoring
we will have been scissoring
you will have been scissoring
they will have been scissoring
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been scissoring
you had been scissoring
he/she/it had been scissoring
we had been scissoring
you had been scissoring
they had been scissoring
I would scissor
you would scissor
he/she/it would scissor
we would scissor
you would scissor
they would scissor
Past Conditional
I would have scissored
you would have scissored
he/she/it would have scissored
we would have scissored
you would have scissored
they would have scissored
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Verb1.scissor - cut with or as if with scissors
cut - separate with or as if with an instrument; "Cut the rope"
References in classic literature ?
There was one curious effect, which I need not take the trouble to describe--because I can scissor a description of it out of the railway company's advertising pamphlet, and say my ink:
The -th regiment are stationed there since the riots; and the officers are the most agreeable men in the world: they put all our young knife-grinders and scissor merchants to shame.
Going to a cloth bag that hung on a nail by the wall she took out a long pair of sewing scissors and held them in her hand like a dagger.
Madame Ratignolle folded her sewing, placing thimble, scissors, and thread all neatly together in the roll, which she pinned securely.
Children came running with their mothers' scissors, or the carving-knife, or the paternal razor, or anything else that lacked an edge (except, indeed, poor Clifford's wits), that the grinder might apply the article to his magic wheel, and give it back as good as new.
Eliza turned to the glass, and the scissors glittered as one long lock after another was detached from her head.
The pleasantness of the morning had induced him to walk forward, and leave his horses to meet him by another road, a mile or two beyond Highbury and happening to have borrowed a pair of scissors the night before of Miss Bates, and to have forgotten to restore them, he had been obliged to stop at her door, and go in for a few minutes: he was therefore later than he had intended; and being on foot, was unseen by the whole party till almost close to them.
Last night after tea, when you and mama went out of the room, they were whispering and talking together as fast as could be, and he seemed to be begging something of her, and presently he took up her scissors and cut off a long lock of her hair, for it was all tumbled down her back; and he kissed it, and folded it up in a piece of white paper; and put it into his pocket-book.
Steadying herself against the post of the folding-door, she took a pair of scissors from her pocket, waited until Noel Vanstone (from whose view she was entirely hidden) had attracted Magdalen's attention by speaking to her, and then bent forward, with the scissors ready in her hand.
One bright summer's morning Silas had been more engrossed than usual in "setting up" a new piece of work, an occasion on which his scissors were in requisition.
She grasped a pair of scissors greedily and stabbed the air with them.
The bundle was sewn together, and the doctor had to get out his instrument case and cut the stitches with his medical scissors.