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The tough white fibrous outer envelope of tissue covering all of the eyeball except the cornea. Also called sclerotic, sclerotic coat.

[New Latin, from Greek, feminine of sklēros, hard.]

scle′ral adj.
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(Anatomy) of or relating to the sclera
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Sadly, he had developed severe thinning of the cornea and scleral and the contents of the eyes were only restrained by a thin remnant of the scleral coat.
Eye specialists from the US, Asia, and Israel address corneal solutions, including laser treatments and corneal inlays; lenticular solutions, including intraocular lenses; and scleral solutions, such as scleral implants and ablation.
Patient with any per-operative complication like posterior capsule rupture, vitreous loss, anterior chamber lens (ACIOL), sulcus or scleral fixation IOL placement and those with post op endopthalmitis were also excluded from the study.
Perforation of the globe at the level of the scleral ossicle was considered a possible cause.
The ones applied mostly are anterior chamber IOL, scleral fixation of same or new IOL, and iris fixation of same or new IOL (1-5).
After a substantial improvement of the ocular surface (with the care mentioned above) among other medications, the team was able to conduct a successful special large diameter (scleral contact lens) trial that is indicated for this condition.
(1) for their paper evaluating corneal, scleral, choroidal, and foveal thickness in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).
In case of 20G group, surgery was done after standard conjunctival peritomy and 20G straight scleral incision circumferential to limbus.
Because of the ultra-clear vision, patients in visually demanding occupations or sports might find the scleral lenses useful.
Other features of the center include a full-service optical shop and a broad range of vision correction services including scleral lenses and contact lens fitting for difficult cases.