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A thick-walled lignified sclerenchyma cell. Sclereids are variable in shape and are shorter than fibers.




(Biology) a type of biological, thick- walled cell
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However, some characteristics were not confirmed, like: cuticle lack; spongy parenchyma lack; sclereid sheath; exocarp becoming strongly suberized, collapsed and sometimes separated from mesocarp; mesocarp constituted by a middle layer, unistratified of small parenchymatous cells, containing prismatic crystals; and the inner layer of endocarp suberized.
Six differential characters: epidermal cells rectangular (104), oval (105) or round in outline (106) with outer wall thick (107) or thin (108); hypodermis with sclereid cells (109).
The strength of a fiber or sclereid depends on the thickness of the secondary cell wall.
is anatomically distinguished from the other studied species by having more layers of sclerenchyma and meristeles on the stipe, and by the lack of sclereid nests on the rhizome.
Terminal tracheids present a welldeveloped sclereid sheath (Fig.