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A supportive plant tissue that consists of thick-walled, usually lignified cells. Sclerenchyma cells are either fibers or sclereids.

scle′ren·chym′a·tous (sklîr′ən-kĭm′ə-təs, -kī′mə-) adj.


(Botany) a supporting tissue in plants consisting of dead cells with very thick lignified walls
[C19: from sclero- + parenchyma]
sclerenchymatous adj


(sklɪˈrɛŋ kə mə)

supporting or protective plant tissue composed of thickened and hardened cells.
[1860–65; scler- + (par) enchyma]
scle•ren•chym•a•tous (ˌsklɪər ɛŋˈkɪm ə təs, ˌsklɛr-) adj.
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This sequence begins with the chlorophyll parenchyma, phloem, epidermis, bundle sheath parenchyma, and, as the least digestible tissues, the xylem and sclerenchyma (HANNA et al.
* Common storage tissue (CST): an outer storage parenchyma or sclerenchyma with intense accumulation of starch and other metabolites, which are not directly involved in the inducer's feeding, but are important energy source for growth and maintenance of gall tissues.
After 10 months of decomposition, straw showed a loss of stiffness and changes in the morphological structure of parenchyma and sclerenchyma (Fig.
The presence of sclerenchyma facilitates the filtering of light by increasing the light availability used in the photosynthesis of the innermost mesophyll layers (SIMIONI et al., 2017).
Xylem in cross section is located radially and has a star-like shapes, its strands go in rays from primary xylem elements located in the root center and surrounded by sclerenchyma cells.
Palisade mesophyll occurred in bundles along the periphery of the leaf and were bordered by sclerenchyma girders (Figs 2 and 3) of mesophyll origin (Rudall and Chase 1996).
The digestion of thin-walled cells like the foliar mesophyll and the phloem is faster than the cells of the xylem and the bundles of sclerenchyma fibers.