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A pathological thickening and hardening of the skin.
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(ˌsklɪərəʊˈdɜːmə) ,




(Pathology) a chronic progressive disease most common among women, characterized by a local or diffuse thickening and hardening of the skin
[C19: from New Latin sclerōdermus, from Greek, from sklēros hard + derma skin]
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(ˌsklɪər əˈdɜr mə, ˌsklɛr-)

a disease in which connective tissued becomes hardened and rigid.
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Noun1.scleroderma - an autoimmune disease that affects the blood vessels and connective tissuescleroderma - an autoimmune disease that affects the blood vessels and connective tissue; fibrous connective tissue is deposited in the skin
autoimmune disease, autoimmune disorder - any of a large group of diseases characterized by abnormal functioning of the immune system that causes your immune system to produce antibodies against your own tissues
morphea - localized scleroderma
2.Scleroderma - genus of poisonous fungi having hard-skinned fruiting bodies: false truffles
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
family Sclerodermataceae, Sclerodermataceae - a family of fungi or order Sclerodermatales with a single-layered peridium; includes earthballs
earthball, hard-skinned puffball, puffball, false truffle - any of various fungi of the genus Scleroderma having hard-skinned subterranean fruiting bodies resembling truffles
Scleroderma aurantium, Scleroderma citrinum - an earthball fungus that is a dingy brownish yellow and a dark purplish interior; the peridium is covered with a pattern of small warts
Scleroderma flavidium, star earthball - an earthball with a smooth upper surface that is at first buried in sand; the top of the fruiting body opens up to form segments like the ray of an umbel
Scleroderma bovista, smooth earthball - an earthball with a peridium that is firm dry and smooth when young but developing cracks when mature; pale orange-yellow when young and reddish brown at maturity
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n. escleroderma, esclerodermia, induración y casi total atrofia de la epidermis.
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n esclerodermia, esclerosis sistémica progresiva; localized — esclerodermia localizada
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The differential diagnosis of our case of progressive hemifacial atrophy includes other forms of juvenile localized scleroderma, Barraquer-Simons syndrome, congenital hemiatrophy, and primary hemifacial hypertrophy.
MAUI, HAWAII -- One of the most important steps to take when a child has received a biopsy-confirmed diagnosis of localized scleroderma is to sit down with the family and explain the rationale for the aggressive therapies to come, Anne M.
They often have antibodies to Scl-70.2 SSc mimics many other skin conditions like generalized morphea, scleromyxedema, scleredema of Buschke, primary systemic amyloidosis, chronic graft-versus-host disease, eosinophilic fasciitis etc.3 The criteria for diagnosis of systemic sclerosis have been established by the subcommittee for scleroderma criteria of American Rheumatism Association (now called the American College of Rheumatology).4
First record of Scleroderma bovista (Boletales, Sclerodermataceae) for Colombia
With limited resources now delaying Habeo in scleroderma, the analyst pushed the company's Habeo U.S.
used the Krieg and Meurer criteria to divide 125 patients with scleroderma into four groups; namely, type I (involvement of the fingers and hands, to the wrist), type II L (limited: proximal ascending sclerosis, including the forearm), type II D (diffuse: acral onset, with progressive diffuse evolution), and type III (primitive truncal onset with subsequent extension and early visceral involvement).
A stem cell transplant works better than medicine to extend the lives of people with scleroderma, an autoimmune disease in which the skin hardens and organs break down, researchers said Wednesday.
Patients with facial scleroderma often complain of aesthetic and functional concerns [3].
Former co-stars and forever friends Bob Saget and Ashley Olsen reunited on Tuesday night in New York City at a ( Scleroderma Research Foundation fundraiser, but that doesn't mean "Fuller House" fans should expect an Olsen twin appearance on the Netflix series anytime soon.