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A plant having hard leaves stiffened by woody tissue, with a relatively short distance between leaf nodes. Sclerophylls are generally found in warm dry climates or in phosphorus-poor soils and include many species of eucalyptus and evergreen oak.

scle·roph′yl·lous (sklə-rŏf′ə-ləs) adj.


(Plants) a woody plant with small leathery evergreen leaves that is the dominant plant form in certain hot dry areas, esp the Mediterranean region
[C20: from Greek sklēros hard + phullon a leaf]
sclerophyllous adj
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Vegetation formations in this area are Southeast and Southern Tableland dry sclerophyll forests and Southern escarpment wet sclerophyll forest on moister slopes (Keith 2004; Tozer et al.
collina, which is scattered across southern Victoria in sclerophyll forest and woodland.
Steve Sheridan is a potter living in the Sclerophyll bush of the Blue Mountains outside Sydney.
Broad native vegetation formations include wet sclerophyll forest interspersed with sub-tropical rainforest in gullies and dry rainforest at lower altitudes and on steeper, drier slopes (Lennon, 2012: 3).
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Sclerophyll communities consisted of grasslands with fire tolerant trees such as eucalypts.
the sclerophyll forest chlorophyll's tree fest a definitive except that the anagram describes any forest
They concluded that living blue gum trees and fuel components within litter had the greatest tendency to propagate fires relative to species from wet sclerophyll (high moisture, low light, dense eucalyptus forests) and gully habitats or Casuarina dry forest communities.
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