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 (sklə-rō′shē-əm, -shəm)
n. pl. scle·ro·ti·a (-shē-ə, -shə)
A hard, dormant, multicellular structure found in certain fungi and slime molds.

[New Latin, from Greek sklērotēs, hardness, from sklēros, hard.]

scle·ro′ti·al (-rō′shē-əl, -shəl) adj.


n, pl -tia (-ʃɪə)
(Botany) a compact mass of hyphae, that is formed by certain fungi and gives rise to new fungal growth or spore-producing structures
[C18: from New Latin, from Greek sklēros hard]
scleˈrotioid, scleˈrotial adj


(sklɪˈroʊ ʃi əm)

n., pl. -ti•a (-ʃi ə)
a vegetative, resting food-storage body in certain higher fungi, composed of a compact mass of hardened mycelia.
[1810–20; < New Latin; see sclerotic, -ium2]
scle•ro′tial (-ʃəl) adj.
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Noun1.Sclerotium - form genus of sterile imperfect fungi; many form sclerotia; some cause sclerotium disease in plants
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Mycelia Sterilia, order Mycelia Sterilia - order of imperfect fungi having no known spore stage
2.sclerotium - compact usually dark-colored mass of hardened mycelium constituting a vegetative food-storage body in various true fungi; detaches when mature and can give rise to new growth
mycelium - the vegetative part of a fungus consisting of a mass of branching threadlike hyphae
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