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(ˈsklɪər əˌtaɪzd, ˈsklɛr-)

hardened, esp. by sclerotin.
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Last abdominal tergite of male with narrow marginal sclerotisation and roughly serrated or smooth posterior margin.
13-15 and 16-17, with distinct window, median plate slightly protruding, mid part of epigyne with [conjunction]-shaped sclerotisation, receptacula tubule shaped, diameter equal to that of half of window.
To sum up, this character is obviously not a discrete one, but varies through different phases from a very distinct groove accompanied with a fold, to a groove or slight depression with no fold or to a fold with no groove; or just a difference in color and sclerotisation between the anterior and posterior part.
n., their larger size, abdominal sclerotisation and presence of high numbers of leg spines, particularly the long, strongly developed prolateral spines on femur I, help separate this genus from the African Patelloceto gen.
Abdominal sclerotisation is similar to Patelloceto gen.
Dorsal tubercles, pocket-like sclerotisations and dorsal tubular ducts absent.