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(ˈsklɪər əˌtaɪzd, ˈsklɛr-)

hardened, esp. by sclerotin.
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While this is usually pollen material and other so-called phytodebris from plants, it can include the remains of sclerotised (toughened) exoskeleton from insects and other invertebrates.
All ticks were identified as Ixodidae (hard ticks) based on: 1) mouthparts projecting anteriorly and thus being visible with the specimen held in dorsal view; and 2) the presence of a scutum, a tough sclerotised plate on the dorsal body surface, limited to the anterior ~1/3 of the dorsal region in both larvae and nymphs (Walker et al.
This first operation focuses to elimination of non sclerotised organ such as digestive tract, genital organ and greasy substance.
1g): Symmetrical, Uncus sclerotised, elongated downward curved, slender at apex, tegumen short, broad dorsally, saccus V-shaped, valva elongated, basal part narrow, outer margin sinuated, inner margin sinuated with small hair, distally somewhat rounded lobe covered with hair, aedeagus broad, long, curved, anteriorly narrow, posteriorly broad.
Third stage larvae from the family Calliphoridae are characterised as being acephale, having a spiracle-like cephalopharyngeal skeleton; these parts are sclerotised and even though they have a thin cuticle, they are not strongly so [9].
RTA complex, with strongly sclerotised and distinctly bent dorsal part and soft, spoon-shaped ventral part (Figs 2-4).
18), strongly sclerotised, slightly membranous at the middle, internally with a pair of strongly sclerotised, pointed hooks, with points facing towards the aedeagal apodeme (Figs.
The perianth segments are stiffly erect, strongly sclerotised and orange to blood red at anthesis.
Endosoma: J-shaped, elongate, slender, broadening at base, tubular with sides thickened; with a sclerotised backbone distad of secondary gonopore; mostly strongly sclerotized; apical rim pale, trumpet-shaped with a slender spine at tip; secondary gonopore opening oval in shape, extending distally to patch of moderately elongare, straight, erect, glassy spicules; medial spine present, large, flat, sclerotized, lanceolate, basally slightly twisted, projected right laterally, originating proximally from a relatively elongate sclerotized ridge, tapering on both sides to endosomal margin; additional narrow, broken, scalloped ridge with scattered small spines present, proximate to base of endosoma.
(56) Thus, while the included may attempt to provide a bogus social consensus by allowing the occasional collective agreement to be signed, or by providing 'a pre-fabricated language to allow a partial and sclerotised use of some of the dominant technology', (57) they will not be able to stop what has been set in motion by the destruction of a common language and the withering of the Enlightenment values that have buttressed western civilization for the last four hundred years.