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The process by which the cuticle of an arthropod is hardened by cross-linked sclerotin.

[Greek sklērotēs, hardness (from sklēros, hard) + -ization.]

scler′o·tize′ (-tīz′) v.
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The limited cuticle sclerotization of termites permits the use of histological markers such as Sudan red-7B, Nile blue-A or Neutral red (Su et al.
The length and width of the left ovary with sclerotization of cortex and medulla were 3.
39, with small procurved lateral posterior copulatory openings; internal structure typical for members of subgenus Helafricanus, with converging seminal ducts and spermathecae; atria without strong sclerotization (Fig.
Hemocyanins have multiple physiological functions in invertebrates, including sclerotization and maintenance of cuticle integrity (Adachi et al.
2012) have shown that alkyl phenols interfere with tyrosine cross-linking, a process important for sclerotization, in the newly molted cuticle of lobsters.
The larval instars can be easily distinguished from the large worker instar as the larvae is fragile/inactive and white due to the absence of sclerotization (including mandibles) and the gut appears empty and colorless.
The genetics of biogenic amine metabolism, sclerotization, and melanization in Drosophila melanogaster.
Undescribed matine primary anatomical features presented herein include: i) anterior tentorial pits and fragments of the anterior tentorial arms; ii) pronotal anterior modifications and chaetotaxy; and iii) complete sclerotization of the seventh abdominal segment.