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The process by which the cuticle of an arthropod is hardened by cross-linked sclerotin.

[Greek sklērotēs, hardness (from sklēros, hard) + -ization.]

scler′o·tize′ (-tīz′) v.
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4A; dorso-distal projections slightly sclerotized and connected near the basis PsP2; ectophallic fold distal, with small sclerotization at apex (Figs.
39, with small procurved lateral posterior copulatory openings; internal structure typical for members of subgenus Helafricanus, with converging seminal ducts and spermathecae; atria without strong sclerotization (Fig.
2012) have shown that alkyl phenols interfere with tyrosine cross-linking, a process important for sclerotization, in the newly molted cuticle of lobsters.
Undescribed matine primary anatomical features presented herein include: i) anterior tentorial pits and fragments of the anterior tentorial arms; ii) pronotal anterior modifications and chaetotaxy; and iii) complete sclerotization of the seventh abdominal segment.
1999) suggested that the fluorescent molecule functions in sclerotization.
Also, it has a role during sclerotization of new exoskeleton in molting insects.
These local sclerotization methods are particularly suitable for early-stage liver, kidney, lung, breast and bone tumor treatment.
Large, green aphids with fine white wax; head, antennae, legs, siphunculi and cauda dark, without dorsal sclerotization.
arboretus), by the form of the sclerotization of the surroundings of the copulatory openings, and by the shape of the posterior epigynal edge.
The main effect of phenoloxidase on cuticle function may indeed be proactive, occurring during the early phase of cuticle sclerotization, when the phosphatic trabeculae are developing in the region of the inner exocuticle that is being cross-linked by quinones.