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(ˈsklɪər əˌtaɪzd, ˈsklɛr-)

hardened, esp. by sclerotin.
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Full lines represent sclerotized structures; thin lines, membranous structures; and dashed lines, structures visible through transparency.
22; copulatory openings hidden beneath sclerotized recurved ridges; accessory glands lead into seminal ducts; receptacles two-chambered, first chamber almost spherical (Fig.
1C, E) subquadrate in lateral view, the posterior margin with a wisp of very long and black setae laterally, with a sclerotized and shallowly V-shaped median notch ventrally, the notch with a pair of oval-shaped processes on each side.
Catecholamine and histidyl protein cross-linked structures in sclerotized insect cuticle.
Palea with a distally located, laterally directed weakly sclerotized area.
Ringlike structures in the body wall were interpreted as sclerotized openings, a key feature of pentastomes.
The structures called the telopodite by Shear (1972) and Lewis (2000) are actually permanently extruded, sclerotized coxal glands fused at the bases, that are now termed syncolpocoxites; and the process arising from the fused base is termed the syncolpocoxal process (Shear pers.