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(ˈsklɪər əˌtaɪzd, ˈsklɛr-)

hardened, esp. by sclerotin.
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Males have their first five abdominal sternites, as well as the seventh and eighth, strongly sclerotized. Females have a similar morphology except the eighth abdominal sternite is not sclerotized.
The pharyngeal sclerite was developing and lightly sclerotized with a stick-like shape.
Copulatory complex consists of a long, two clock wise coils of sclerotized copulatory tube, 86 (71-96, n=10) long (across coils), proximally articulating with a vase-shaped accessory piece, 36 (32-40, n=10) long (Fig.
Females of Ami differ from all other theraphosines by their characteristic spermathecae (Figures 12, 13) with paired ventral receptacles attached to an almost discrete, semicircular, sclerotized back-plate.
Female genitalia: Epigyne simple; genital area may be slightly sclerotized, raised and dome-shaped, with hood and epigynal opening of various shapes; two small posterior sclerotized marks close to each other indicate position of internal fertilization ducts; copulatory duct and spermathecae long and tubular (Fig.
2S, 2T), the endosoma devoid of long sclerotized sclerites (compare Fig.
The uncus is a curved and sclerotized structure, which starts narrowing from the mid part to its end (Fig.
Toca may be related to Caloctenus and Gephyroctenus, with which it shares scales on the abdominal dorsum and epigynum as a single, slightly sclerotized fold (Silva 2003, 2004; Polotow & Brescovit 2008).
The proventriculus is comprised of several sclerotized plates (Chapman 1998), whose stntcture has been adaptively associated with insect diet (Gibbs 1967, Lebrun 1985, Lebrun & Lequet 1985, Caetano 1988, Bland & Rentz 1991).