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(ˈsklɪər əˌtaɪzd, ˈsklɛr-)

hardened, esp. by sclerotin.
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1F) with pair of long and apically lobed dorsal membranous conjunctival appendages, pair of ventrolateral membranous conjunctival appendages, pair of highly sclerotized comparatively thin apically sub-round penial lobes, tube-like vesica very much shorter than penial lobes.
The pharyngeal sclerite was developing and lightly sclerotized with a stick-like shape.
The females are further characterized by an elongate head with a gular bridge without a sclerotized median carina or a felted line, mandibles with one gland only, absence of labrum, bilobed clypeus with a median setose carina, pedicel without axial spines, third segment with three completely fused anelli and a short unsegmented acuminated projection, labiomaxillary complex with distinct stipes and galea, bacilliform process pointing backward, segmented labium, forewing closed costal cell, spurious veins and moderate pilosity, and a twelfth flagellomere.
Widest at or the near base of first abdominal segment, length (alcohol preserved specimens) about 6 mm excluding urogomphi; sclerotized areas yellowish-brown with irregular areas on head, body, and cerci darker brown.
But male cerci distinctly different: horizontally bifurcate, with internal branch also well developed (more than a simple spine); main external branch laterally flattened, internally concave, slightly up-curved and sickle-shaped (not elongate and cylindrical with distinct inward bend); internal branch originating ventrally near the base, both branches with dark sclerotized tip (Fig.
lachataoensis Garcia Aldrete & Casasola (2012), in that the distal processes of the male hypandrium are much more slender posteriorly, each process bearing a sclerotized, small acuminate projection proximally on inner side, and in having a transverse, strongly sclerotized area at the bottom of the median concavity.
Genital atrium located on the left side and close to acetabulum, containing nine accessory atrial sacs (also called atrial fingerlings), with two rows of sclerotized bars, one with four on the base of atrium and the other with five over it.
Softer bodied prey are digested more quickly than more sclerotized prey which can result in soft bodied prey being underrepresented in diet studies and sclerotized prey being over represented (Hoar et al.
This book will be particularly useful to students and researchers who study insect cell biology and morphology because it is the first resource of its kind to present insect specific techniques that include the solutions to insect specific problems like sclerotized chitin and yolk-laden eggs.
Taenia light brown, distinctly less sclerotized than oviscape; 0.