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(ˈskɒlɪˌsaɪt; ˈskəʊl-)
(Minerals) a white zeolite mineral consisting of hydrated calcium aluminium silicate in groups of radiating monoclinic crystals. Formula: CaAl2Si3O10.3H2O
[C19: scolec- from Greek skōlēx scolex + -ite1]


(ˈskɒl əˌsaɪt, ˈskoʊ lə-)

a white zeolite mineral, a hydrous calcium aluminum silicate, CaAl2Si3O10∙3H2O, occurring in masses and in needle-shaped crystals.
[1815–25; < Greek skōlēk-, s. of skṓlēx worm, grub + -ite1 (from wormlike curling when heated)]
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Scolecite, thomsonite, and calcite constitute the stable alteration minerals competing for Ca at low temperature, followed by their progressive replacement by epidote, wairakite, and prehnite with increased temperature.
Caption: Scolecite (Rio Grande de Sol, Brazil) is one of the microporous, aluminosilicate minerals known as zeolites, commonly used as commercial absorbents and catalysts--including producing medical oxygen.
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Very recently, literature survey reveals several methods for synthesis of 2,4,5-triaryl imidazoles using ionic liquid [10], iodine [11], ZrCL, [12], NH4OAc [13], Yb[(OTf).sub.3] [14], scolecite [15], PEG-400 [16], Lproline [17], HOAc [18], Cu[Cl.sub.2][H.sub.2]O [19], silica sulfuric acid [20], S[O.sub.4]/Ce[O.sub.2] [21], and Sb[Cl.sub.3] [22].
They were followed by acicular-fibrous zeolites such as natrolite/ gonnardite, thomsonite, mesolite and scolecite Analcime is usually a Na-rich mineral phase, but may sometimes contain appreciable K (Utada, 1970).
An internal standard (scolecite) was used in addition to the standard regularly used.
A number of other zeolites have also been reported from Merelani, including laumontite and mesolite in tufts of acicular white crystals, and stilbite, scolecite and chabazite-(Ca).
Merchant could not confirm--that the tiny crystals originally were some zeolite (scolecite?), now replaced by the opaque white chalcedony.
Powellite on Scolecite Nasik, India 6" wide (Powellite crystal 3" tall) ex-collection Joseph Freilich
Numerous dealers at this show, as at nearly all major shows these days, had superb specimens of (oh, let's see) Veracruz, Mexico amethyst; Moroccan vanadinite and cerussite; Pikes Peak, Colorado microcline (and even topaz); apophyllite, stilbite, calcite, scolecite, etc.
Yet even these great mesolite specimens are exceeded in size by several of the 100 scolecite specimens taken in January 2008 from a quarry near Junnar village.