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n. pl. sco·li·ces (-lĭ-sēz′)
The knoblike anterior end of a tapeworm, having suckers or hooklike parts that in the adult stage serve as organs of attachment to the host on which the tapeworm is parasitic.

[New Latin scōlēx, from Greek skōlēx, worm.]
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n, pl scoleces (skəʊˈliːsiːz) or scolices (ˈskɒlɪˌsiːz; ˈskəʊ-)
(Zoology) the headlike part of a tapeworm, bearing hooks and suckers by which the animal is attached to the tissues of its host
[C19: from New Latin, from Greek skōlēx worm]
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(ˈskoʊ lɛks)

n., pl. sco•le•ces (skoʊˈli siz)
scol•i•ces (ˈskɒl əˌsiz, ˈskoʊ lə-)
the frontal segment of a tapeworm, having suckers or hooks for attachment.
[1850–55; < Greek skṓlēx worm]
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Wet mount Preparation made from Hydatid Cyst Fluid showing Morphological Structures Resembling Scolices of Echinococcus spp.
(iii) Inactivate daughter cysts and scolices prior to removal by injecting 20% hypertonic saline solutions into the cyst.
They have an inner germinal layer which allows further infective components of the worm, called scolices, to develop.
This technique is usually performed under ultrasound guidance and is useful in the pre-operative diagnosis of HD by demonstrating the diagnostic hooklets and scolices in the aspiration fluid, which are pathognomonic.
The histomorphological examination of pulmonary sections showed scolices observed in pulmonary vessel lumina, thus a non-thrombosis hydatid embolism was diagnosed.
Microscopic examination showed scolices of Echinococcusgranulosus with an outer laminated hyaline membrane and an inner granular germinal layer, which confirmed the diagnosis of a hydatid cyst (Figure 2).
Multiple daughter cysts separated by a fluid matrix that contains a mixture of membranes of broken daughter vesicles, scolices, and hydatid sand with mixed echogenicity may give rise to a "wheel-spoke" pattern.
Worked on Cestodiasis in a lesser flamingo, Worked on cestodiasis in a lesser flamingo, observedcestodes scolices were embedded at the base of crypts between villi and also agree with fibrosis in muscular layer and infiltration of lymphocyte [12].
One of these polycephalic metacestodes was completely formed, with a total of 21 long strobila, pseudosegmented and presenting scolices with 21 pairs of hooks, all of them wrapped in a cyst of 4.6 cm.
The content of the cyst was aspirated and the cavity was filled with povidone iodine for 10 minutes to ensure the death of all viable scolices. The cyst was then opened with the hook dissector and the content of the cyst including pericyst were aspirated and dissected free.
On gross examination, multiple scolices were found attached to thin wall.