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Noun1.scops owl - any of several small owls having ear tufts and a whistling call
bird of Minerva, bird of night, owl, hooter - nocturnal bird of prey with hawk-like beak and claws and large head with front-facing eyes
genus Otus, Otus - a genus of Strigidae
Old World scops owl, Otus scops - European scops owl
Oriental scops owl, Otus sunia - Asian scops owl
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Lombok is home to the Rinjani Scops owl, the only bird species endemic to the island.
5%) in Lanyu scops owl (Otus elegans botelensis), though EPC was frequently observed in the population with high nesting density (Hsu et al.
This is the first time that scops owl were turned over to our office.
Now, there's no guarantee you'll find them even if you went looking everywhere for three days," he told AFP after a failed pre-dawn sortie for the giant scops owl, a mysterious bird found only in the country's south.
A baby Cyprus scops owl, which was found on Saturday around noon dumped in a rubbish bin in the Acropolis are of Nicosia while still in its cage, is safely at the Game and Fauna service's wildlife rehabilitation centre, volunteers said on Monday.
The students were able to get close to Delyth, a barn owl, Huw a long-eared owl and, stealing the show, Otis an Indian scops owl, who is soon to be starring in his own children's book.
Pemba Island off the coast of Tanzania also has four endemic species including the Pemba green pigeon and the Pemba scops owl.
Jude Heyworth (above), from Earlsdon, with Samson the Harris hawk and (inset) Harriet Gibson with Flute the White Faced Scops owl
Visitors can get close to a fascinating array of birds, such as Erica the white-faced Scops owl and Martin the merlin.
The little Scops Owl, named Alfie, was being chased by a dog in a park in Anfield when he was rescued by a member of the public.
A hotel spokesman said the four-week-old owls had replaced Guinevere, a white-faced Scops owl that used to live at the hotel.