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Noun1.scoring system - a system of classifying according to quality or merit or amount
classification system - a system for classifying things
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Credit utilization influences your score, and your ideal rate will vary depending on what scoring system is used.
Alvarado scoring system was modified by Kalen et al and named it as modified Alvarado scoring system.
A quality of life scoring system deployed by an orthopaedic surgeon was set up to examine how patients felt while waiting for treatment.
Mary Kim Hong fired 50 points under the Molave scoring system while Riko Nagai, Crystal Neri and Catrina Martinez backed her up with 48, 46 and 43 points, respectively, for CCC.
The scoring system was named AIMS65 because it consists of the following components: albumin level 1.5 (I), altered mental status (M), systolic blood pressure a$?90 mmHg (S), and age >65 years.
Called the Protective Scoring System (PSS) and Electronic Scoring System (ESS), the technology makes the students understand that everything is done under accurate and fair scoring.
To help physicians objectively judge patients' conditions, a post-operative scoring system is required.
This led to the decision to build the "Fleetomoter," a novel user facing AI driven news scoring system, possibly the first of its kind.
Adams, M.D., from the Medstar Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C., and colleagues developed a scoring system based on the STROBE checklist; volunteer medical students or doctors validated it for consistency.
The tournament will utitlize PSS (protective scoring system), ESS (electronic scoring system) and Daedo PSS, IVR (instant video system) to eliminate human error.
Our data suggest that CRS performs well as a scoring system and should be the scoring system of choice in the assessment of patients with UGIB in the ED.