scorpioid cyme

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Noun1.scorpioid cyme - a cyme with flowers or branches alternating in opposite ranks
cyme - more or less flat-topped cluster of flowers in which the central or terminal flower opens first
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In April 1837 John Miers collected close to Rio de Janeiro a curious, achlorophyllous, almost leafless plant, with a slender, rarely branched stem, bearing a terminal bifurcate, cincinnous (scorpioid cyme) inflorescence (Miers 1841).
In contrast, the flowers or branches of the scorpioid cyme develop alternately to the left and right, rather than only in one direction, resulting in a zigzag pattern.
Flowers occur in inflorescences of 2-4 (Jepson 1993) scorpioid cymes and contain 5, partially-fused petals that form a star-shaped, 3-6 mm-broad white corolla (Munz 1974).