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scour 1

v. scoured, scour·ing, scours
a. To clean, polish, or wash by scrubbing vigorously: scour a dirty oven.
b. To remove by scrubbing: scour grease from a pan.
2. To remove dirt or grease from (cloth or fibers) by means of a detergent.
3. To clean (wheat) before the milling process.
4. To clear (an area) by freeing of weeds or other vegetation.
5. To clear (a channel or pipe) by flushing.
1. To scrub something in order to clean or polish it.
2. To have diarrhea. Used of livestock.
1. A scouring action or effect.
2. A place that has been scoured, as by flushing with water.
3. A cleansing agent for wool.
4. scours(used with a sing. or pl. verb) Diarrhea in livestock.

[Middle English scouren, from Middle Dutch scūren, from Old French escurer, from Late Latin excūrāre, to clean out : Latin ex-, ex-, Late Latin cūrāre, to clean (from Latin, to take care of, from cūra, care; see cure).]

scour′er n.

scour 2

v. scoured, scour·ing, scours
1. To search through or over thoroughly: The detective scoured the scene of the crime for clues.
2. To range over (an area) quickly and energetically.
1. To range over or about an area, especially in a search.
2. To move swiftly; scurry.

[Middle English scouren, to move swiftly, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse skūr, shower.]

scour′er n.
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Noun1.scourer - someone who cleanses by scouring
cleaner - someone whose occupation is cleaning
2.scourer - someone who travels widely and energetically; "he was a scourer of the seven seas"
traveler, traveller - a person who changes location


[ˈskaʊrəʳ] N (= pad) → estropajo m; (= powder) → limpiador m, quitagrasas m inv


[ˈskaʊərər] n (= pad) → tampon m abrasif, tampon m à récurer (= powder) → poudre f à récurer


nTopfkratzer m; (= sponge)Scheuerschwamm m


[ˈskaʊərəʳ] n (pad) → paglietta
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Pte Frederick William Crowther was serving with the Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment and had been a scourer before the war working at the J Hoyle and Son mill at Quarmby Clough Mills in Longwood.
The wire wool scourer was in the sink and was falling to pieces.
Leave for 30 minutes (or according to the product instructions), then rub with a fine scourer or brush.
Dishmatic Fill and Clean Scourer with Handle, Wilko.
Bicarbonate of soda will remove stains and odours, and is a good, gentle scourer.
Alfie was keeping owner Maria Bird company as she cleaned the bathroom when he swiped a sponge from the pack and swallowed it, scourer and all.
You could also try a washing-up scourer (but not steel wool).
Supply, erection & commissioning, also assuring guarantee figures for two rocks separating machines and two horizontal scourer machines at the German Cylindrical flour mill in Assuit.
While every club would start with exactly the same line-up and same budget, the likes of the Yankees and Red Sox could start outspending others on international scouting thus allowing high revenue makers to scourer the globe in locations other markets might not be able to get to.
This scourer of country-house auctions had an eye for the rare and the unusual, grand or humble, and championed the regional and the vernacular, especially early oak furniture, treen, texiles and Delft pottery (Fig.
While offer ing a clear-eyed view of his mother's alcoholism and father's melancholy, he deplores the mass violence of the past century ("Sweet death, the scourer, the tender / Lover, shutter of eyelids, turns / The heaped bodies into summer fruit.
Tilsley, on the other hand, resembles an old pot scourer in the abrasive stakes.