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Noun1.scouting trip - an expedition undertaken to gain information
expedition - a journey organized for a particular purpose
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SINCE WE LAUNCHED the Healthcare Design Forum three years ago, I've added two trips to my annual calendar: one to Forum itself, plus a scouting trip well in advance of Forum to nail down the location and venue.
Summary: A 7-year-old child drowned while playing in a pool Monday in the town of Brital, reportedly during a scouting trip with the Hezbollah-affiliated Imam al-Mahdi youth movement.
Koeman, who made a scouting trip to watch the 24-year-old, said: "It is difficult for a lot of technical and skilful players because the demands in England are so big.
TONY Pulis used Albion's week without a fixture to take a scouting trip to Portugal to watch transfer target William Carvalho in action.
Longstaff, now a leading agent, said: "Some professional clubs in Europe knew I was going on a scouting trip to the Pacific islands in April.
McNamara will lead a scouting trip to Headingley tonight to watch New Zealand take on a Leeds side, with guest player Adrian Morley making his final appearance before retirement.
Three fighters who the Stockton organisation earmarked on a recent talent scouting trip to Holland are flying in from the celbrated Vos Gym in Amsterdam to showcase their skills on what will be a high octane night of kick and punch action at Eston Sports Academy.
An earlier scouting trip can eliminate much of the negative intrusion.
Dungy remembers a scouting trip to New Orleans with Noll during which they hit many memorable restaurants and jazz spots.
Still, feeling a sense of responsibility, she puts a major case on hold and joins Gus on his latest scouting trip to North Carolina, a decision he initially greets with spluttering protests.
He returned from his scouting trip and told his people about the large army.
So, you can get a good, though not exact idea of what it's going to be like the next day from a scouting trip.