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v. scowled, scowl·ing, scowls
To wrinkle or contract the brow as an expression of anger or disapproval. See Synonyms at frown.
To express (displeasure, for example) with a frowning facial expression.
A look of anger or frowning disapproval.

[Middle English scoulen, probably of Scandinavian origin.]

scowl′er n.
scowl′ing·ly adv.
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in a scowling manner
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Though struck by the alteration in his demeanour, the excitement under which I laboured was too strong to permit me to obey the unexpected command, and I was still limping towards the edge of the pi-pi with Kory-Kory clinging to one arm in his efforts to restrain me, when the natives around started to their feet, ranged themselves along the open front of the building, while Mehevi looked at me scowlingly, and reiterated his commands still more sternly.
"Never mind Aunt Polly now," cut in the man scowlingly, as he tried to move himself a little.
This became particularly clear at some of the curtain-calls, which seemed unprepared with a lot of shuffling, and indeed at the end of Die Walkure the Valkyries themselves emerged scowlingly, as though these sisters had just had a collective row.