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Noun1.scrag end - the lean end of a neck of veal
neck - a cut of meat from the neck of an animal
cut of veal - cut of meat from a calf
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Shane and Ben had muscles to operate stuff and endlessly gut fish but Antony, at 67, was despatched to the galley to turn out gourmet meals from what seemed like a piece of scrag end and a couple of spuds.
Middle neck or scrag end of lamb are tasty cuts and perfect for braising.
The November internationals have brought none of the customary disappointments, leaving Wales to savour today's match against South Africa with excitement and confidence rather than merely hoping to salvage pride at the scrag end of the calendar season.
His old school chips are also exceptional, big potatoes cut as thick as a farmer's fingers, fluffy inside and piping hot and with nary a scrag end to chase around the plate with a frustrated fork at the end of the meal.
One of her latest collections, Spread (Grenadine, Jamonera, Scrag End, Sideboard, Sweetbreads), was recently part of a group show at the Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, South Carolina.
And so the long, narrow, chair-like Scrag End (all works are 2010) positions a victim splayed across it, its upholstered shape curved and articulated so as to provide support at the buttocks and lower back and (of pertinence here) the neck, where a small ceramic insert both cradles the head so that the neck is invitingly bared and functions as a basin for collecting the precious fluid to be extracted.
It''s ideal for the cheaper cuts of meat such as neck, scrag end (which is essentially neck) or shoulder.
How many of us nowadays would buy scrag end of lamb or brisket or pig's hocks?
If we were hard up, Mam made a stew with some scrag end of mutton, vegetables and a handful of barley.
It's the cost of real food, like scrag end, haddock or chops that is getting a proper kicking.
She was pleased that the beef was top quality and not scrag end as can so often be the case when a meat is covered in a thick sauce.
Certainly the world they have created in what they describe as The Scrag End Tour sees them making a lot of connections.