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1. A bony or scrawny person or animal.
2. A piece of lean or bony meat, especially a neck of mutton.
3. Slang The human neck.
tr.v. scragged, scrag·ging, scrags Slang
To wring the neck of; strangle.

[Perhaps from dialectal crag, neck, from Middle English cragge, from Middle Dutch crāghe, throat.]
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Halfpenny scragged the breaking Murray, but Ireland kept calm, with Healy carrying on and crossing the line in style.
head coach Thomas Vowles broke a couple of tackles before being scragged five metres out, but he got up quickly enough to give prop Sam Greening the try-scoring pass.
The lead, however, was short-lived as Swansea immediately hit back - great work by Perkins played Martin through, the full back scragged just short, but Cardiff had no answer as the ball was spread wide and centre Evans cut the line to go beneath the posts.
It had been dubiously awarded with Bryan Habana looking suspiciously offside as he scragged substitute scrum-half Lloyd Williams after a Welsh turnover inside the 22.
After five minutes Mantella slipped away from Scott Armstrong but was scragged just before he reached the line.
Tynedale's Hamish Smales threatened with a burst down the right wing only to be scragged on the 22, but Northumbria led 10-7 at the interval when East found his range from a penalty closer in.
W'y should I care more for a woman being scragged than what I do for a man?
The game-changing moment came midway through the second half when Shotton secured a good platform close to he Rhos 22 and the ball was shipped out to Ellson, who chipped over the upcoming defence, got the bounce and gathered before getting scragged.
STABLE FACTS Where Scragged Oak Farm, Hucking, Kent Training since 1997 Horses 80 Assistant Martin Smith Head groom Michelle Smith Jockeys Robert Winston, Steve Drowne Apprentice Marc Halford Staff 35 Website johnbestracing.