scrap heap

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also scrap heap  (skrăp′hēp′)
1. A pile or heap of waste material.
2. A place for discarding useless or worthless material.

scrap′ heap`

a pile of old, discarded material, as metal.
كَوْمَةٌ من قُصاصات الوَرَق
skládka odpadu
skládka odpadu
kırpıntı/çer çöp yığını

scrap heap

nSchrotthaufen m; to be thrown on the scrap heap (thing) → zum Schrott geworfen werden; (person) → zum alten Eisen geworfen werden; (idea) → über Bord geworfen werden; to end up on the scrap heap (person) → beim alten Eisen landen; at 55 you’re on the scrap heapmit 55 gehört man zum alten Eisen


(skrӕp) noun
1. a small piece or fragment. a scrap of paper.
2. (usually in plural) a piece of food left over after a meal. They gave the scraps to the dog.
3. waste articles that are only valuable for the material they contain. The old car was sold as scrap; (also adjective) scrap metal.
4. a picture etc for sticking into a scrapbook.
verbpast tense, past participle scrapped
to discard. They scapped the old television set; She decided to scrap the whole plan.
ˈscrappy adjective
made up of bits and pieces. a scrappy meal.
ˈscrappily adverb
ˈscrappiness noun
ˈscrapbook noun
a book with blank pages on which to stick pictures etc. The actor kept a scrapbook of newspaper cuttings about his career.
scrap heap
a heap of waste material, unwanted objects etc.
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WHAT a sad world for our youth of today in Kirklees as youth clubs of many types will soon be on the scrap heap.
Why not many more, to bring back our workers who have been forced on to the scrap heap.
They were in debt for millions and willing to throw hundreds of workers on the scrap heap before Christmas but directors thought it was appropriate to make more money out of Teesside.
ly/1JvmMaz) SO someone who has just been thrown on the scrap heap is expected to pay like PS1,000 and foot the bill for justice when he's got no food .
Trident may not be kicked out of Scotland but the British people want it kicked to the scrap heap regardless.
It had been set for the scrap heap until it 'caught the eye' of a worker at H&T Pawnbrokers.
John Farquhar, 74, said: "Pensioners are being put on the scrap heap.
However, its financial and economic affairs committee has asked for more time to negotiate with the government after MPs effectively threw the budget on the scrap heap.
If the Government will not listen to Labour then perhaps they will listen to the IMF and get our economy growing and get people off the scrap heap and into work.
Cameron and the rest of his front bench government are all out touch millionaires with little understanding of the real world Stop trying to save the world and start saving our public services from the scrap heap.
I too thought this historical ship would be left to go rusty and would end up on the scrap heap.
THE Harrier aircraft consigned to the scrap heap and the Ark Royal to an uncertain future.