scrape away

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w>scrape away

viherumkratzen (→ at an +dat)
vt sepabkratzen
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The Tory boast of a growing economy and full-employment ring pretty hollow when you scrape away the headline figures and look at what kind of work is being created - low-paid, uncertain, temporary and zerohours in the main.
Create a wound Using a sharp knife, scrape away a thin layer of bark from the stem to expose the inner cream-coloured wood, known as cambium, just beneath the bark.
Immensely talented, Barkley (left) has frustrated successive Everton bosses and got into the odd scrape away from the field.
After removing the rear camera and the fingerprint sensor, users will have to use paint thinner to scrape away the colour, and peel away the lamination layer.
There's no need to scrape away previously used labels or use harsh cleaning solutions.
The Bristol team has found a way to essentially scrape away the most radioactive parts of the graphite blocks--the parts containing carbon-14, a radioactive isotope of carbon.
Scrape away any remaining peeled, checked paint, or plant material and sand those areas.
Each bite of corn-free Active Adult hits your dog's teeth in crunchy nugget form to scrape away plaque and cut down on tartar.
And the way polyurethane foams up as it cures, it leaves me with mounds of hardened froth to scrape away later.
Scrape away any furry choke with a teaspoon and then run a lemon half over the hearts so they don't discolour.
Scrape away all the fake ears, noses and dwarf hair and you'll find a host of UK stars in the new Hobbit film trilogy.
The men working along the canal have been courteous, informative and helpful, even trying to scrape away the mud so walkers and cyclists are not too badly inconvenienced while the work is continuing in all the awful weather we have had since the work started.