scrape off

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w>scrape off

visich abkratzen lassen
vt sepabkratzen (prep obj von)
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True, from the unmarred dead body of the whale, you may scrape off with your hand an infinitely thin, transparent substance, somewhat resembling the thinnest shreds of isinglass, only it is almost as flexible and soft as satin; that is, previous to being dried, when it not only contracts and thickens, but becomes rather hard and brittle.
Swinging in mid-air, they hung te-naciously, their weight dragging down the creature's head and so retarding its speed that before it had reached me it was almost stopped and devoting all its energies to attempting to scrape off its attackers with its forefeet.
From ahead came a splashing of water, and she caught a glimpse of Dolly, dashing up the small bank and into a clump of scrub-oaks, against the trunks of which she was trying to scrape off her rider.
Derivedata is a special software project of adappt, that was curated to scrape off valid data from multiple websites.
The statement said police officers slapped Numeron, punched Valderama on his stomach, and tried to scrape off Mora's tattoo on his hand with a ballpen.
| PLANTS grown in containers will need TLC - scrape off old compost and replace with fresh.
* No foam residue; easy to peel off after test leaving no foam on the substrate, no need to scrape off residue, just clean
The angled shaped edges of the disc act as cutter blades to scrape off deposits throughout the pipeline.
HOW-TO TIP WHEN you steam and scrape off wallpaper, you often find that it comes off in layers.
To deal with it, you need to wait for dry weather, scrape off any thick growths and then apply a proprietary weed or moss killer.
I would apply the oil after taking a shower, and then I'd scrape off any excess oil, along with any critters.